Water Letter


  1. REQUEST MUST BE IN WRITING. (Bylaws Sec 11.1)
  2. ALL FEES (PMROA current assessment and construction impact fee, PMMWC Annual Fees)
    MUST BE PAID IN FULL. (Ref R & R 3.1.2)
  3. Submit construction plans to Pine Meadow Ranch Owners for approval.
  4. (Ref Bylaws 11.1(i))

After we have received your request in writing, you will receive the following packets:


  1. Water REQUEST letter FOLLOW-UP
  2. Application & Agreement for Water Services
  3. Current Fee Schedule
  4. Rules & Regulations

After Application & Agreement for Services and a check for current Water Connect and Impact Fees have been received, the 2nd packet is sent out. (Ref Bylaws 7.12(a), 7.12(c), R & R 2.20, 3.3.3) (If paying by personal check, allow 30 days for processing, cashiers check, Allow 10 business days for receipt of water letter


  1. Water CONNECT letter FOLLOW-UP
  3. Signed by Water System Manager
  4. Water Storage Information (2 Kinds)

This is an example of the response letter that is sent to a Share Holder requesting information on obtaining a water connection on their property.  The fees noted in the letter are correct for the year 2013.

Dear Shareholder:

Thank you for your written request to the Pine Meadow Mutual Water Company for a water letter for Lot _________. With the adoption of the current fee schedule, in November 2013, following is the Company’s policy regarding the issuance of water letters.

  1. All unpaid service fees, related to water, should be paid.
  2. The enclosed Application for Service must be completed and returned to the Company
  3. The plans for cabin construction must be reviewed and approved by the Pine Meadow Ranch Owners Association. Please contact the Owners Association for this requirement.
  4. The following fees must be paid to the Pine Meadow Mutual Water Company before a water letter can be issued:
$1920.56 Connection Fee This fee is for the physical connection to the PMMWC System.
$6662.40 Impact Fee This is a one-time fee with the purpose of raising revenue
for new or expanding facilities
( ) Credits Deduct any water backbone fees paid in prior years.
If you are unsure if any fees were paid on your lot in previous years, contact our office

Please send the completed Application and Agreement for Water Services and your check made payable to Pine Meadow Mutual Water Company to:

Pine Meadow Mutual Water Company
PO Box 95009
South Jordan UT 84095-0009

Once the fees and application have been received, all water letters will be issued by the Water System Manager chronologically in the order that the fees were paid subject to the availability of water. Weather permitting, the meter connections will also be made as soon as possible in that same order. Accompanying your water letter will be a packet of information, which will answer any questions you may have. If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact the Company Office at 801-461-0171.

Water System Manager