The Pine Meadow Mutual Water Company

The Pine Meadow Mutual Water Company provides water services to the owners of property in the Pine Meadow Ranch / Forest Meadow Ranch areas of the beautiful Wasatch Mountains of Utah. Check out this web page to learn more about the company and its efforts to provide quality water services to the owners of the company.

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Water Updates
Tue 11 Jul 2017

Please No Outside Watering

There has been a lot of usage on the water system and we are just reminding everyone that our water is for indoor usage. Please no outside watering of trees, plants, grass or even pressure washing. We need as much water as possible going into our tanks just to sustain and keep our tanks full. From June 1st to July 5th just metered water to the residents was 755,000 gallons of water. Please no outside watering..

Wed 26 Apr 2017

Pine Loop Repaired

We have fixed the leak on Pine Loop Road. Line is filling slowly to make sure repair will hold.

Fri 21 Apr 2017

Pine Loop Update

Crews have been working on getting the road plowed to get to the leak. Road will be plowed today and repair will begin the first of next week. We ask that you do not travel Pine Loop it is one path with no where to turn around and snow still in spots. You will get stuck!!! Thank you for your patients as we have been working hard to remedy this.

"A select number of Pine Meadow Mutual Water Company shareholders have requested approval from the water company to expand the existing Bobcat Springs pond site. The members of the Water Board are interested in receiving comments from all PMMWC shareholders. Please email or visit our next water board meeting held at 6:30 pm at the gravel pit (see website for meeting dates)."

PINE MEADOWS RANCH OWNERS ASSOCIATION is requiring lot owners to post their LOT # and/or at the entrance of their driveway or by the road in front of their lot. This is to benefit emergency personnel, the county Sheriff’s office, the ranch manager and the water manager.

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